Soo Jerky began under Philip and Soo Wong, whose dream was to bring one of Asia’s favourite street snacks to Canada.

Their humble beginnings started in their own home kitchen by making jerky for their friends. It wasn’t until Expo 86 in Vancouver that they introduced the world to their products and stocked them for customers in Chinatown providing free samples for many.

Soo Jerky’s accomplishment today is more than just one person’s dream: It is now a family success as their sons, Joseph and Jacob, join hands with Philip and Soo, to grow this dream together.

Family business – left to right: Joseph Soo, Philip, Jacob

Even with eight hands in the family on board, it is not enough to handle how Soo Jerky has grown. That is why there is another “family” that forms the backbone of this company: the Soo Jerky staff.

The number of employees in Soo Jerky has also grown, but not at the expense of caring for its people. Below are a few quotes from how the employees tangibly see that in action:

“I see how hard working they are. They have this whole business while they were still raising their young kids! It’s not easy.”

“There are many competitors out there, but we do so well. Why? Because our quality is good, and everyone here make sure that stays true!”

“When we are sick they come visit us. They care about us and treat us like family”

“They give me a stable job for many many years. We are like a whole family here you know!”

“I love my job because they teach us so many things here, I can multitask…I love the owners!”

“I enjoy coming to work every day!”

To our customers, Soo Jerky has been known through their colourful logos. The original logo was drawn by Soo, which has replaced by the widely known “Lion head” (or humorously known as the “500” brand). As Soo Jerky enters its 3rd decade, they have modified a new logo, one that represents the continuity of the company’s dream, products, and promise: to deliver only the best Asian meat snacks to their customers.

In addition to a new logo, Soo Jerky has renewed its packaging to reflect a more vibrant, eye catching, and modern design.

As 30th anniversary celebration continues, Soo Jerky is hosting various giveaways and prize draws to thank their customers for their support. To learn more about these contests, like and follow Soo Jerky on facebook and instagram.

For more 30 years to come, Soo Jerky will continue to bring the tastiest and the best Asian meat snacks to you and your family

“Happy 30 Years!!”

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