Shredded Dried Pork in

Terimayo Hot Dog

Asian twist to the hot dog, here we present to you a savoury recipe for a delicacy we all love. A traditional hot dog may contain ketchup, mustard, and relish. But a Soo style hot dog will leave you with the ultimate satisfaction to your taste buds. Easy to make and a number 1 family favourite!


Soo’s Shredded Dried Pork (Sesame Seed and Seaweed)
Hot Dog Sausage
Hot Dog Bun
Japanese Mayonnaise
Okonomiyaki Sauce


Step 1: Grill both the hot dog sausage and hot dog bun on a grill. Alternatively, you can toast each ingredient in an oven.


Step 2: After it is grilled to your preference, assemble the sausage in the hot dog bun. Open it slightly and drizzle Japanese Mayonnaise and Okonomiyaki Sauce. Top it off with a generous amount of Soo Jerky’s Seaweed Shredded Dried Pork. Serve immediately.