Shredded Dried Pork

Classic Congee Pairing

One of many traditional Asian classic cuisines, congee, that creates a delicious marriage with Soo Jerky’s Shredded Dried Pork. Go on, try it.


Soo Jerky’s Shredded Dried Pork
1 Cup Rice
6-8 Cups Water

For flavouring (optional)

4 Large Dried Scallops (Soaked overnight)
15 g Fine Julienned Ginger
1 tsp Salt
2 tsp Sesame Oil


Step 1: Bring water to a boil and put all the ingredients, except the ginger and Soo’s Shredded Dried Pork, into a large pot. Reduce the heat so the pot does not over boil, and cover the pot while leaving a gap for some steam to escape. Stir occasionally to ensure the bottom doe not burn and add water as needed to maintain the water level.


Step 2: After an hour, bring the pot to a rolling boil while stirring and remove from heat immediately. Be careful as boiling congee is extremely hot and splashes. For thicker or thinner congee, add or reduce water as desired. Serve with Soo’s Shredded Dried Pork and Julienned Ginger as desired.