Five Spices Beef Jerky

Beef Roll

Let the marriage of our Five Spices Beef Jerky with a classic Taiwanese recipe take you to another dimension of deliciousness.


Soo Jerky Five Spices Beef Jerky
Onion Pancake
Hoisin Sauce



Step 1: Using just enough water to cover the jerky, boil it in a sauce pan for 5 minutes. Be sure the pan does not dry out.


Step 2: Prepare other ingredients; cook the onion pancake according to package directions, slice cucumbers to strips and scallions to your desired size


Step 3: Spread hoisin sauce over the onion pancake as desired and add all ingredients on top. (Be careful not to be too generous as it may not roll properly.) Starting from one side, roll the pancake a little bit at a time until you reach the other end. Secure with toothpick if needed and serve.